Crooked Brook Studios was first known as an art farm in connection with the Adirondack Harvest Festivalís Farm Tour in 2005. 

Becoming an art farm encouraged talking about these sculptures as if they were bio-organic eruptions, a conceit which is encouraged by their leisurely and seasonal growth patterns.  They began appearing in the wetlands below the pond, and up near the barn and then in the pond, and then up behind the barns, in an area now known unavoidably as the sculpture garden, about five years ago. 

They were first known as large slow jokes, and they move in the wind and sport a jaunty devil may care attitude.

They are junk sculptures making use of previous existences.

They are environmental sculptures suggesting the creation of a transcendental asylum.

The Angel of Inerrancy Conveying Well-Meaning Souls to Hell was begun by my son Noah and I when we used the tractor to pull a substantial piece of twelve foot long, three foot diameter piping out of the swamp and then put a bend in its already belabored shape by twisting it around a tree.  In her present form the Angel rocks at ten-minute intervals when pumps move water between two sumps through the black, hard-rubber piping twisting overhead.  The viewer is encouraged to imagine the long, slow journey of the well-meaning souls.

It SO Happens is a meditation on the virulence of life.  I was for many years uncomfortable with the idea of multiple universes and a consequent feeling of cheapness. My liberation was provided eventually by the uncertainty principle and the outstanding corollary that there canít be a perfect vacuum, which means that the spontaneous creation of matter is required by the very fact of emptiness.  My head was turned and I began gratefully to ride the crest of a wave of life ever growing, a liberation encouraged by observing over many years the hectic growth of the grasses and the wild way they waved in the wind.  The decisions inherent in this sculpture are made in the light of this ongoing discovery and are intended to encourage the viewer to take pleasure in the inconsistencies of balance and broken symmetry.

The other pieces I will leave alone for now.  I want only to add that they belong in the place they are growing, but some of them can be moved or recreated.   I would also enjoy creating new pieces in response to your places and if you want, your junk.